Any interest in a virtual meet up?


Hoping everyone is doing GREAT!  Wanted to gauge if there is any interest in doing a virtual event in early December?  If so, what type of event would you like to see (education session, network after work, virtual happy hour, etc.)?  


  • I'm interested in attending a virtual event in early December and am open to the event type.

  • I would be interested in a virtual meet up and would welcome any type, but think an education session could be interesting. Are there education topics already in mind or would we open it up to anyone who wanted to share?

  • @Tiffany.Rice @taylor_rogers @nicole.johnson 

    Seems like revenue recognition is a hot topic these days, even for my favorite industry, retail. @nicole.johnson had some great ideas about ASC 606 but maybe it can be more broad like how you set up editable parameters in Anaplan to establish a realistic picture of when revenue can be recognized. In retail, e-commerce, in particular, companies can sell product online before they even have possession of the inventory. This is sometimes called "unowned" inventory. Add to the complexity the negotiated payment terms (e.g. net/45) to vendors, there can be quite a lag between when a sale was made, when the retailer takes possession of the inventory, and when the inventory is shipped and delivered to the customer. This generally highlights the difficulties of reconciling the Merchant's sales forecast and the one created by Finance. I suspect software and technology has similar use cases. And, how do subscriptions fit in?

  • Open to suggestions. If there is a particular education topic of interest, I will see if there is a speaker who might be ideal.
  • Roadmap for job opportunity in anaplan after learning path