Modelers Forum November 12th


Hi everyone! 


@MagaliP  and I are looking to run the next event on November 12th at a new time of 3pm and we are going to try and change the format ever so slightly. 


Why are we making this change?

With the new time we are hoping that the earlier time (with advanced notice) gives more people a chance to attend and even give some of our regulars a chance to have their evening meals in peace! 


What are the changes to the format?

This is less impactful. We have decided to base the modellers forum around the below link which shows product releases and we will ask 3 questions which we would like answered in the forum in advance of the virtual meet up so that we can discuss during the call.


The link:


The questions:

  1. Which one of the releases excites you the most?
  2. Which one have you implemented?
  3. Which one do you plan to do next?

We feel like structure will help modellers across the UK help keep up to date with features and best practice. In addition to this we will try and obtain the relevant product managers to speak with you directly if we have a consensus across the questions. 


Will anything be the same?

Of course it will. You have Magali and I being as enthusiastic as ever and we promise try and fit in the original problem solving aspect of the meet up. 


Where can I sign up?


See you all in November!




  • This is so exciting, I look forward to this new format!

    I'll start with my answers (who said I couldn't, I too use Anaplan 😀).


    1. I am so excited about the dashboard import tool which has been released, I haven't used it yet though because I already built all my pages in the UX directly, but I look forward to our customers migrating the existing dashboards. Another great reason to get started with the UX: the Office Add-ins will integrate with the UX, it's officially in our roadmap!

    2. I have used the latest version 4.0 of the Excel Add-in (I guess there's no surprise here as I am the Product Manager) which was made available to all users in phase 3 of the release at the beginning of October. Maybe that's an idea of challenge to get you to try it out!

    3. KPI card conditional formatting is the functionality I was waiting for so I'll implement it soon 👏


    Your turn!

  • @MagaliP I'll take your answers and raise you


    Order List Action

    Used 2300 times in two weeks by 75 Customers!


    Nuff said! 🎤😉


  • I represent 3 of those customers! Awesome functionality @DavidSmith - you've definitely raised the bar. Ante is too steep for me, I fold.

  • Paul

    @DavidSmith Is this an offer to come and tell the group about it? 


    (you walked right into this!)

  • Why not!

  • We too have dropped anchor on the ordering functionality. I don't even mind that it's only for WA as have realised that it's something that wouldn't necessarily be run when data is loaded but as part of a different process.

    I'm particularly excited like you are @MagaliP about dashboard importing. Loads of Classic UX models and not really wanting to spend ages bringing across the core board content.

    Then the next thing we'll probably look at is the graph scale resizing piece. That will definitely make a small but noticeable difference to our visualisation.


    Looking forward to the discussion in a few weeks and on here too!

  • Hi Group!


    Thanks @Paul @MagaliP for keeping these sessions running!

    I really appreciate your efforts and am exited about the new format!

    Apologies for my absence this year has been a crazy one! 


    I must admit that sometimes I don't notice the new product functionality and I just naturally begin using it and assume its always been there without even noticing its new.


    1.Actions on mobile: Use your mobile app to run processes using the mobile app. This won’t include imports and exports but will mean all other processes can be run from anywhere


    2.KPI card conditional formatting: Highlight underperforming KPIs via business rules using conditional formatting. - Very simple but goes a long way on making a dashboard look more presentable.


    3. Unhide specific columns without having to unhide all columns in a module - I feel like I have already used this without noticing its new but I will definitely re-test. 


    Best Wishes,