Model Optimization Checklist


Optimizing Your Model

Are you an expert model builder who enjoys tweaking your models so you can shave micro-seconds off load times? Maybe you’ve been assigned the task of taking a poorly performing model and getting it back up to speed. Or you are looking for a way to take your model building skills to the next level.

We’ve got some exciting news for you! We’ve looked at the principal ways that you can optimize model performance and created a checklist. It builds on what we’ve provided in the Planual and takes it a step further. The checklist helps you identify issues that may impact performance, explains why, and includes the actions you can take to fix them.

Use the checklist:
  • • When building new models to ensure that you are following best practices. Add going through the checklist as part of every sprint review.
  • • When performing a yearly review of models, as some COEs may require. Use the checklist to help complete the review.
  • • When you have a model that is experiencing a problem with performance. Some of the items in the checklist can be corrected easily, others may take some time.
  • • When coaching or mentoring new model builders. Encourage them to use the checklist to instill good model building habits right from the start.
How to use the checklist:

The checklist includes questions. Click the > to display more information. Each question topic includes more details about when and why this may be a problem, how to correct it, and links to articles and short lessons that provide more information.