Retail Anaplan Group - February 2021 Update



Retail Anaplan Group Monthly Summary - 2021 February



  • @Stacey_Gibbens did a masterful job explaining Transactional API's 2/25/201. Check them out.
  • 1 New Members joined, raising the membership count to 134
  • The Retail Group Leaders @Dsabo @BobD and @JaredDolich will be hosting a quarterly virtual meetup on 3/16. Register here.
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    • @JarrodRywolt earned his certified modeler certification!
    • Two new articles for retail will be published soon. Markdown Planning and Dynamic Ranking - stay tuned!
  • RAG is still #3 base on membership count, #2 if you exclude the Community Group, just behind the UK. See stats below.


New Members

  • 1 New Members! Due to ongoing technical issues, we still cannot send welcome emails to several of you  - But please know we are very excited to have you join and we'll get that welcome note to you soon!
  • Welcome @RamakrishnaD our new February member!




Okay. For analysts like me, this analysis section is second favorite part of RAG. First, of course, is visiting with all of you. All screenshots below are from the NewUX Dashboard.


Our membership comprises of 15 unique Anaplan customers (20 members) which is great. @BobD and I have some ideas to encourage more customers to consider joining this group.



Growth month over month significantly slower. 


Overall Statistics

We continue to rank very high among Anaplan groups on the overall KPIs. Only weak spot is engagement. We generally need more interaction from the group to advance that statistic. From my experience and observation, some of the best engaged groups are the Pacific Northwest (@Aaron.wasinger and @matthewkuo),  UK and Ireland (@kcorr) , Russia (@Ks) , Anaplan Extensions (private @MagaliP ), and Master Anaplanners even though membership dropped by 100 or so (private @Ameneh, @Beauram, @ChrisWeiss ).  Modelers Forum UK ( @MagaliP and @Paul ) continues to win all around. San Francisco had a good meeting February 23 hosted by @EdmundW @DerekH and guest speakers @BrentOrr Paul Van de Ven, and @LeighRomeo.  I will continue to attend their meetings and watch their engagement so we can all learn from their success.

There are 46 Groups I track (Group Count Total). I then rank them out by region and subject. The best KPI I could think of for engagement right now is Posts per Member. The higher, the better.