Hello Folks, I have a question regarding pulling data from one module to another for a particular period. Please find the details here: Source Module Lists: Time FY22 - FY25 (Months), Custom versions and Products Target Module Lists: Time FY22 - FY25(Quarters), Custom Versions and Products. The issue here is, I have 8 items in version dimension. I want to check 2 versions, If they are true then I need to fetch data only for FY24 (should be dynamic based on current year boolean) only for those 2 versions and rest all others we fetch data for all periods. I created 2 line items "Current Year?" is to check the Current year and "Current Year" (format:Time.Quarters) is to get the parent of the month. After this I wrote a formula in the target module: IF    SYS Simulation.'Simulation?' AND 'SYS01: Time Setting (Month)'.Current Year? THEN     'SourceModule'.Lineitem[LOOKUP: SYS scenario.Mapping, SUM: 'SYS01: Time Setting'.Current Year,  SUM: 'SYS Product'.'L4 mapping'] ELSE     IF         ITEM(Time) < 'SYS: Time '.Planning Quarter     THEN         'Source Module'.Units Adjust[LOOKUP: 'Sys Scenario'.Actuals, SUM: 'SYS Product'.'L4 mapping']     ELSE         'Different Module'.Line item[SUM: 'Time'.Real time mapping Qtr, SUM: 'SYS Product'.'L4 mapping']. All the logic is fine, But in the first IF, THEN condition when I am using SUM for SYS01: Time Setting'.Current Year I am getting error and when I use Lookup It is fetching for all periods. Is there any solution for this without creating any new module or line items in the source and target modules.


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