April 24th Platform Update - Retail Perspective


Retail Anaplanners! Wow, some heavy changes to the platform yesterday (Saturday, April 24th). Here are the changes:

  • Perform calculations with User lists
  • Select to ignore all items you don’t want to map when setting up imports
  • Use the Update Current Period action to automate updates of Current Period as a stand alone action and as part of a process
  • See the fields you configure most often in Blueprint first for a more intuitive experience
  • Monitor events when users open a model to meet compliance via audit service logs
  • Access a new set of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) APIs that allows you to change the model mode from offline to online and run multiple synchronizations in parallel.

You may also notice that the blueprint has changed. The order of the columns are now different. When I first saw this I thought there was a problem because I'm so used to seeing the formula first. But it makes sense. If you don't get the format right, you'll suffer the dreaded toaster time.