Data01 P&L Actual and Budget


I had a question about importing data into the Data01 P&L Actual and Budget module. Whenever I imported data into this module, for some reason, only half the data gets imported. I never see the budget section under this module after importing data, only actual and forecast. Can someone please tell me how to import the data so actual, budget and forecast are in the module, the way they need to be? I've attached a screenshot of what happens when I imported the data into this module. D7579EB9-9671-4163-958F-C8148BA35496_1_105_c.jpeg


  • @namar 

    Great question, great question. In this exercise you are only loading ACTUAL and BUDGET. Make sure you are mapping to these two version only. Forecast will be handled later when you start working with seeding the forecast with actuals. You got a green checkbox which means everything loaded correctly but you need to fix the ignores. So if you mapped your import like the one below, you're good for now!! Way to go!