May 2021 Release


Did you check out the latest features released in May 2021? Here is the link for full updates and a sneak peek at June  May Release and Sneak Peek at June

App Level Page Access Control: Finally the feature is live where page builders can manage the page access from the app landing page instead of hopping from one page to another or without even opening the page.



Resizing Nested Columns: Page builders can now resize the nested columns on Grid cards



Chart Setting Updates: Page builders can now change the label and axis colors on charts





Comment Deletion: Users now have the ability to delete their own comments. Note: Users can only delete their own comments and not others’.         

Centralized Identity Management:  CIM is live – User Admins can now create, add or remove users from the admin console. Parallelly Workspace admins too can add or remove users from the workspace but eventually that ability will be taken away from the Workspace admin          

Sharing Pages with Context: You can share pages with context to help colleagues pinpoint the info they need. You can also share pages directly via Slack if your Tenant Admin has allowed you to do so.



New Transactional APIs: Related to List and Model Metadata APIs. It focuses on the ability to make quick changes to your list items and query detailed properties about your models