Management Reporting


Ok, so who has built something cool yet? If you hide the confidential info, can you share it? 

I had a go with the L1 training model. It's a first (ish) attempt (the real first attempt was dreadful) so be kind.


  • With effective use of the black-out pen here's one that have put together to support a piece of work around Group Strategic MI.. thankfully being on the Management Reporting EA came at the right moment otherwise who knows what might've been picked to present information that's in Anaplan to Exec Level.




    And nice pages @Paul! Had some fun with the backgrounds... are all your images publically available? As otherwise how did you make them go to PDF?

  • Paul

    Hi Andrew!


    Firstly, that looks so cool and secondly, yes I use Imgur to hold my images so if you would like a link I can happily share on email.


    Let me know buddy