Upcoming ALM API Endpoints - Any further info? (Alt topic: ALM API use cases)




As per the Sep 11 update notification (linked here: Upcoming Maintenance), there are new ALM API endpoints that will be available. Sweet! 


Given this is an API Developers Group, is there any preview info that can be shared? Even if it is only a week away, I'm quite eager 😉 


Alternative topics of discussion: what are some use-cases of the ALM APIs that you have been working on, or thought to work on? 


I had one in relation to integrating with creating a more structured change deployment process; rather than getting our developers to sync directly across, use a BitBucket repo to track our changes (leveraging the transactional metadata APIs and blueprint export to determine what has changed), create pull requests that can be reviewed, and then automatically deployed with BitBucket Pipelines when approved. Still in the brainstorming stage at the moment!


  • Great news! The documentation has been updated with the new endpoints. https://almapi.docs.apiary.io/ See the ones for generating the comparison history reports.
  • Thanks @kevin.cho for sharing. This would make life much easier for Admin jobs.

  • Hi @kevin.cho !


    I love the idea about giving a more detailed preview here on what's coming up for ALM APIs before the release.


    From ALM functionality point of view, we have one more upcoming API for this year which is to retrieve the summary comparison report (you currently can retrieve the full comparison report). For next year we'll be looking to add APIs to copy, to archive and to bulk delete models

  • Using the REST API, you can create a client application to create, read, update, and delete entities on the ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) platform. Without any coding, you can also use a browser as your client to read information from ALM. The ALM REST API is for use by web programmers familiar with RESTful API technology. Before working with this API, read the General Notes and Limitations My Macys Insite Login