Visualizing Forecasts - Some Ideas and Best Practices


I wanted to share a few ideas on how to visualize forecasts.  I'd encourage everybody to not discount the value of visualization in any analysis.  How we present the data and how we allow users to interact with it will be critical in driving better decision-making.  


Here are a few ways I've built PlanIQ visualizations into Anaplan apps to help users better understand what the data is telling us.


I hope this inspires you to do the same!




  • Hi @timothybrennan,


    I wonder how we get the seasonal pattern in the last screenshot. My understanding is that in general, if the data has a trend, we can get seasonal pattern only after we remove it first.



  • Hi @andre.lie,


    We recently released a feature in PlanIQ that will allow you to see a trend and seasonality breakdown of the historical data you are using with PlanIQ. I used that information to build the dashboard you are referring to.


    You can find more information about that here. Hope this helps!