11.3.2 Activity: Import Data into P&L Actual and Budget


In 11.3.2 Activity: Import Data into P&L Actual and Budget I cannot import any data to the Budget version as it seems like only Forecast and Actuals version exist in the new model I have created.





However I cannot tell why the budget version is not there? My systems module for version looks like this:


And versions is set to All for the module:




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  • ChrisAHeathcote
    If you do not want to use switchover you can simply delete the time period in version settings.

    Alternatively, you can disable switchover at the line item level in the blueprint of the module.


  • @hannaaberg 


    you need to create budget version in your versions tab which comes in model settings after time , looks like you have missed initial activity which talks about model settings .


    And in your SYS09 module there are line items which reference your version details based on the settings you have set

  • I added a new line item named Budget in the versions tab and now it looks like this:


    Should I make any further modifications here? I cannot really tell why that is not there since before. I have followed the instructions in all of the steps as they have been pointed out.


    SYS09 looks like this so that seems to be incorrect


    However the formulas are as per described in the instructions (see previous screenshot)


    Then I proceeded with the import of the data and now it seems that it should be working


    However, if I check the data in the grid view I have data in the forecast version but no data in the budget version instead of the other way around...






  • Note that I have data for FY20 for Budget, but I still don't understand why there is data for the Forecast version since that was never included in the import



  • @hannaaberg 

    your initial mapping was incorrect, now you either need to delete existing data entirely and upload the file again as fresh data or delete the module and create new module with fresh upload .

  • @hannaaberg 

    There is functionality called Switchover which will automatically allocated values held in actual against other versions upto a given timeperiod as specified in the version settings.


    This is still enable and therefore is pulling through the actuals and allocating them to time periods where the switchover functionality applies. 

  • hannaaberg_0-1640710358351.png

    Is it this one you are referring to? I have not set it to Dec 21 by myself and it seems like it is not possible to set it to null. Is it correct that I receive data in the forecast as-is or should I inactive this in some way? In the data import nothing was mapped to Forecast (Only Actual and then also Budget) so I am certain that the issue does not lie there and that it would help to remove the data and then upload it again

  • MilanN

    Your Version (Snip 1) and SYS09 Version details (Snip 2) should look in this manner.
    There is a need to make changes in switchover - disable switchover at the line item level in the blueprint of the module
    Your data import mapping for version tab looks correct.