Topics for 2022-Jan-27 Idea Exchange Discussion (Northern Europe Anaplan Group Workshop)


Hello Group.  In today's Northern Europe Anaplan Group Workshop on Roadmap, the second hour will focus on ideas in the Idea Exchange to review and Up-vote.  A number of customers submitted their requested topics, and thus these are the topics we will discuss.   Please consider these ideas as your peers present them, and if you agree that these are important enhancements please vote for them.

  1. Headers in Export Files
  2. Combination Chart Stacking & Calibrate 2nd Axis
  3. Timescale Working Days
  4. Show Calculation Time Directly in Model
  5. UX: Import Error Log Enhancement
  6. UX: Show Progress for Full Process
  7. Copy / Paste from Excel: Include Hidden Values 
  8. CloudWorks: Custom Load Calendar 
  9. Number Scaling Management Reporting
  10. Management Reporting: Export to PowerPoint 
  11. Multi-Language Line Items
  12. CloudWorks: ”Run As” Another User (Integration User) 
  13. Multi-Selection Context Selectors

and... adding one additional point raised during the discussion on Management Reporting enhancements: Management Reporting - Styling Improvements