Headers in export files

Headers in export files

When Exporting files from Anaplan I would like the possibility to remove the list name from the header when adding properties properties in the export file.

Today I can only choose Include or exclude Row Label headers.

I would like to have the possibility to exclude the name of the list in the header.


From above export I get the following headers: 

DP6 - SKU / DC DP6 - SKU / DC: SKU DP6 - SKU / DC: Supplier Ref No DP6 - SKU / DC: Local Item No DP6 - SKU / DC: Description DP6 - SKU / DC: Specification DP6 - SKU / DC: Sales DC DP6 - SKU / DC: Supplier No DP6 - SKU / DC: Supplier DP6 - SKU / DC: Warehouse Unit


I don't want every header to start with DP6 - SKU / DC

When exporting supplier forecast or sales forecast to different markets we always need to manipulate the export files before we can send them.  

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the following idea is also regarding exports and needs support: