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At Anaplan, we believe hearing from our users is a critical ingredient in our product design and development process. To that end, we've built the User Research Program, through which our UX Research team works directly with Anaplan customers and partners to ensure that your needs are at the heart of what we do.

When you join the User Research Program, you'll enter the community of Anaplan users who are invited to participate in upcoming research projects.

As a member, you might be invited to:

- ⚖ Weigh in on innovation projects

- 💬 Join a remote interview with a researcher

- 🚗 Test-drive unreleased features

When you just us for a study, you'll gain an exclusive sneak-peak into new product features and releases (as well as gift card as thanks for contributing your time). Through your contributions, you will be directly influencing how future versions of the platform will look, feel, and function.

Interested in getting an insider's view on what's up next at Anaplan? Sign up for our Research Program today!

What is the commitment?

As a User Research Program member, your commitment is entirely flexible based on your availability and interest in our upcoming research projects. Once you register for the program, our UX Research team will keep you updated about upcoming opportunities to participate (we do so via email and through our Anaplan Community Group).

To get started, we ask you to complete this brief form (linked above or below) to help us understand how you currently use our platform and match you with relevant research studies.

Are there incentives?

The Anaplan User Research Program appreciates the valuable time and insights provided by its participants. We offer a range of incentives to show appreciation for your contributions depending on the type of session of session you participate in with us.

For eligible customers, we offer gift cards (redeemable at a widely flexible set of retailers) for completing a session with us. Please note that partners aren't eligible for incentives.

Where can I sign up?

Registration only takes about 3 minutes! We'll ask you to share some basic details about you to help us match you with with relevant studies. Sign up here.

Questions about the program? Please reach out to the Anaplan Research team, and we will be happy to help.

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Anaplan User Research

‼ Research Spotlight ‼

The research team is seeking feedback from business users (such as planners, decision makers and contributors) to learn more about navigating across pages in Anaplan. If you or someone you know is a business user, complete this form to participate in our panel, where you can earn Anaplan swag, gift cards, and get a sneak peak into new product releases.