Calculation Function Differences between Polaris and the Classic Engine


These are detailed in Anapedia - here.

This includes a list of functions which behave in a slightly different manner than they do in the Classic engine in addition to a list of functions which are not currently supported in Polaris.

The reason that we have functions that behave differently is that the opportunity has been taken to align the behavior of some functions and simplify the default for other functions. 

The ROUND function is a good example of the slight differences. In the classic engine the ROUND function has the option to use an EXACT parameter and defaults to the less precise variant (either with no parameter value or a parameter value of NORMAL). Since the EXACT parameter is more precise, we made it the default behavior for the ROUND function in Anaplan Polaris.

There will be new functions made available in Polaris only. An example is the FINDPERIOD function which will be an alternative to the FINDITEM(Time Period) function in classic, which can become complicated when searching for a time period with different calendar types defined.