Cloudworks Scheduling Question


Hi all!

We have a client who has specific schedules for when Cloudworks processes should run. For example, we'd only like some master data to run once a month. What I am noticing is based on how we have it set up, the processes never run on their schedule date, and then the schedule turns to expired. Notice in the image below, the last run was 5/2, but the schedule was set for 6/1. Anyone seen this before? Is it because of my start and end dates?


MicrosoftTeams-image (5).png


  • I would test another schedule without end date set.

    The current setup is probably preventing the process to run and is probably working with a minimum of 1 day duration timeframe

  • Thanks, @david.savarin - is there a better solution then for items we'd want to only run once in a given timeframe (for example once a month?) If i set it to a day after start date, should that work? Does it make more sense to choose a different frequency and just select the weekday of the specific day these fall on?

  • Also strange because we set this up exactly the same last month and everything ran fine. Wonder if there was something updated that changed this behavior since then.

  • I am also having the same question. Did you get any solution?

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