Question on Copy Branch


Before I go global I thought let's go local and see if someone might have a neat solution to a flow in one of our models.

Users run copy branch as part of a setup process to pre-populate all the modules, etc. but there's a module that they don't want that happening for so there's a 2nd step which is to clear out that module but as you can imagine they "often" forget to do the 2nd step.

No amount of big coloured boxes, flashing lights, sirens, you name it has managed to remind people to click the 2nd button - so has anyone got any good ideas about how to make it more obvious?


  • If there are inputs in the module can you DCA them for new branch items with a note on that page reminding them they need to complete the second step before inputting?  Thats assuming the second step is a process which can include an action to remove the DCA control.

  • I'm wondering if you could use Versions.


    Similar to akmalins the 'DCA solution', I think: 


    Version 1 as Set Up to load up original lists into Modules with a logic test as to 'Version = 'Version 1' present in the relevant Module


    Version 2 to Maintain and 'Copy Branch',  loading list updates, but not updating the relevant Module as it would fail the Version test'.


    Works or not for you, is it Sustainable - in a PLANS sense! - to have Users on the hook for, essentially, Model Admin?





  • Hi @ChrisG532 

    If it wasn't quite so many modules then might consider this - do have something similar in another module but it's only a handful of modules and users pick the "source" and "target" object and then run the thing plus it's using UX rather than Classic. Which thankfully this model is yet to do...