October 2022 Nordics Anaplan Roadmap session

Hello Nordics Group members and guests - thanks to those of you who joined our Anaplan Roadmap session today.  Excellent input and questions.   Also, thank you again to @Rebecca for your presentation!


There were a few questions/topics that we were not able to answer in the meeting.  We will approach getting responses to them through the Idea Exchange. Note the list of question and links below. First of all, if you agree with the requirement, please upvote!   If you don’t yet see a recent update on an idea of interest, please subscribe to it and also check again later - we might need some time to get Product team response depending on availability. 


Kind regards, Anaplan Nordics CS team.




  • Concerning the "Soft Deletion of Models for Users" on the roadmap, the idea is to enhance Anaplan such that when a Workspace Admin deletes a model it is not fully deleted immediately, but "soft deleted" (like a "trash can") for a limited amount of time, and can be retrieved in that soft deleted period.   Currently if a customer Workspace Admin deletes a model he/she cannot retrieve it.   As discussed, this is on the roadmap.

    (Please don't use this Nordics Anaplan Group forum to discuss details on this or other enhancement ideas, the Idea Exchange is the right place to do that.  This comment is simply to follow up yesterday's Nordics meeting and provide a high-level clarification of that particular feature idea

  • To those following this entry - please note that the Product team has made quite a few updates on the Ideas in Idea Exchange referenced in the above list.   Those updates are mostly re-confirmation that the items are still in roadmap, nevertheless still good to get updated confirmation.