DYK - WEEK 15 (Workflow)

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Did You Know? That

  • Workflow allows admins to track the status of work/inputs on list item level and it also allows admins to communicate with users via email. Admins can send E-Mail to Individual Users or to entire User base (provided all these users have write access to at-least one list item)
  • Anaplan Workflow cannot dynamically change the status of list items from “In Progress” to “Complete”.  Admins have to manual Select the list item on Workflow page one by one and make the change. Once the change has been made to “Complete” all the inputs against the list item get locked.
  • Workflow can be applied to the least granular level of the hierarchy only
  • Workflow can be applied to only one hierarchy in the model.
  • Workflow screen can’t be published on to New UX or classic UX

Did You Know? Week 15 - YouTube

Note: We mentioned it as Classic Workflow because there is a newer version of Workflow which may be coming soon. Hence there was a need to call it out so that users don’t get confused.