Hello API Developers!

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Thought I'd send a quick note to introduce myself as the newest Group Leader of the API Developers group, working alongside @AshwinK!


A bit about myself

My name is Adam Trainer.  I currently live in Melbourne Australia along with my loving family of devices: a Gaming PC, Samsung S22 Ultra, MacBook Pro 16, and my new iPad Pro 12.9 😊

I'm passionate about data, systems, and philosophy, and everything that connects them together.  In my spare time you'll find me either hanging out with friends, reading, playing video games, or creating something new related to my latest passion (currently graph databases).

I've been working at Anaplan for 3.5yrs now, starting out as a Solution Architect in our APAC Professional Services team.  About 1.5yrs ago I joined the Partner Success Team to support and further enable our amazing partner network.

Prior to joining Anaplan, I worked at an Anaplan Partner growing their Anaplan practice and enabling the up-and-coming Anaplan champions.  Prior to that, I was more of a developer and created some cool programs like a web-crawler and an ETL tool in Java using only Notepad++ and Windows CMD..  (until I figured out how to use Eclipse IDE).


My goals for the group

I'm really just excited to help continue to make this group useful to members, from beginner to advanced, and help encourage new members to join, learn, and share their API developer journeys.

If you have any ideas or feedback on what you would like to get out of this group, then please let me know.



Please feel free to reach out via Community chat (@AdamT) if you have any questions or just want to say hi, and you're welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn too.

We'll be in touch to share more about future events and news!





  • JaredDolich
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    Terrific news Adam. So glad you'll be a leader for this group. Wish we lived closer (I'm in NYC), sounds like we have similar hobbies. I recently finished a Python soup library that scrapes retail prices then imports into Anaplan used for competitive pricing analysis. Working on a Python application that will cluster sales profiles and import the results. 

    As for ideas, I would really like to see clever ways to raise an event in Anaplan so we can more easily, and more intuitively, run applications outside of Anaplan on demand. For example, I click an action button, it runs a Python script, and returns the results. Only two ways I've seen this accomplished: One is to use a hyperlink that is essentially an endpoint to an API. The other is to hijack the email notification. Outlook can be programmed to process certain emails when they arrive (VBA).

    As for games, I like to play Satisfactory. Since it's a supply chain simulator I went ahead and built an Anaplan application complete with the BOM to help me optimize the network. 

  • kevin.cho
    edited November 2022

    Awesome news! It's great to have someone that's always been so vocal about extending/enhancing the API/development capabilities of Anaplan as the leader of this group - looking forward to new things!

  • AdamT
    edited November 2022

    Hey @JaredDolich!

    Thanks for the welcome.  Yeah wish we lived closer, but perhaps we can sync up on a zoom call when our time zones overlap. I'm also not a huge fan of sleep, so i'm online at odd hours and happy to jump on a call to suit any time zone. I'm really keen to see/hear about your Python soup library for pricing analysis!

    I have a few prototype solutions working on similar functionality you've mentioned (webhooks using 3rd party tools, but also using AWS Lambda/SNS and also Azure functions that allow you to expose the function as a triggerable URL with passable parameters).  Sharing some of the cool solutions we've all built could be a good basis for our next event.  However, yes, the ability to use a UX action or button to trigger a function (with ability to configure HTTP Request headers, payload, etc.) rather than using URLs crafted with MAKELINKs, is something that gets asked about a lot with other integration developers I speak with. I beleive there are some related and interesting things coming on the roadmap around this but will have to confirm and see if/how we share this information with the group.

    As for games, we have a lot to talk about. I just purchased Satisfactory based on your mention of it 🙂 I have been watching it closely on Steam and waiting for a recommendation to hit 'buy'. My all-time-favourite game is Transport Tycoon Deluxe, hands down. I bought it when it came out in 1995 and played it to death. I've since upgraded to Transport Fever 2 as a more modern version though haha. I'm really into the end-to-end supply network side of things, like production and logisitics network velocity, and route optimisation. If you're keen for a lengthy and very geeky discussion, then the combination of: digital-twin, graph theory, and gamification, is my current trigger!

    Looking forward to connecting to share more ideas and shared hobbies soon!


  • AdamT
    edited November 2022

    Thanks @kevin.cho!

    Great to have your support and looking forward to new things too!

  • QuinE
    edited November 2022

    @AdamT  - This is super news! I have already learned so much from you and looking forward to continuing to work together. 

  • AdamT
    edited November 2022

    Thanks @QuinE, I'm honoured to get the chance to work with you, and look forward to see what we can achieve when we put our minds together!
    Really thrilled to have you in the group!

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