Skipped Forecast Periods


Hello, wanted to address an issue our team is facing and see if anyone has run into similar issues with PlanIQ.

Every week we generate a new PlanIQ forecast based on incremental historical data that becomes available to us. I.e., in Week 1 FY23, we generate a forecast based on historical data from prior periods through Week 52 FY22. The forecast results module displays predictions beginning on Week 1 FY23 as expected. In fact, we've been using this process for multiple weeks now and it has worked as expected by producing forecast results on the period following our latest actuals (history).

At the beginning of the next week we import new actuals for Week 1 FY23. We'll run PlanIQ based on our historical collection, however the forecast results data now begins on Week 3 FY23; unfortunatley we are expecting data to begin on Week 2 FY23, so Week 2 is blank.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


  • EvgyK


    Can you please provide information about your model calendar?


  • Hello @EvgyK,

    Absolutely! Attached. Thank you for helping.

  • EvgyK

    Let me check and get back to you

  • EvgyK


    I have a suspicion on the issue but it would be best if you can open support ticket so that we could look deeper into your data. Apologies for not having an answer out of the box. Please ask them to tag me as well.


  • Now I am seeing this issue in future forecast periods at the monthly level. Support responded and said reason for original issue of first period skipping was due to Week starting on Sunday instead of Monday; however this doesn't seem to make sense. Each run of my forecast has been successful (every run had a forecast on the first period of forecast weeks) until I reached Week 2. See above.

    In my model calendar every week starts on Sunday; therefore based on the comments by Support, every run should have a skipped forecast on the first period. This was not the case.

    Seems to be a bug in the platform.