Newsletter, July 2023 (Benelux)

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In the July newsletter you will find:

Key Dates and Milestones

Anaplan Training and Certification Updates

Anaplan Product Updates 

Upcoming Releases/Maintenance

Anaplan Events and Community Updates

General Industry Reads

New Customer Stories

Anaplan FAQs and Tips

Anaplan Product Updates: subscribe to Anaplan’s feature updates page to stay on top of upcoming releases. Here are a few highlights:

Anaplan Polaris™ has launched in General Availability (GA): With the introduction of Anaplan Polaris—an extension of the Anaplan Hyperblock™ family—businesses can leverage the power of the Anaplan platform to more effectively model, analyze, and solve for the global complexities impacting their performance and operations. Teams from different departments, in different locations, can explore large data sets in a single, scalable environment, leverage that data to model and modify what-if scenarios across all the dimensions of their business, and then turn those insights into strategic actions – from re-allocating resources to shifting promotion strategies. And when we say any dimensions – we mean it. Anaplan Polaris has the power and scale to calculate across the many different dimensions of a large global organization, even those exceeding 10 million, trillion cells. You can learn more about Anaplan Polaris™ by downloading the solution brief or visiting the Anaplan calculation engines page on Anapedia.

Upcoming Releases/Maintenance

Status Page enhancements and Release Calendar updates: Stay informed of planned events, including scheduled maintenance windows and releases by subscribing to the Anaplan Status Page and 2023 Release Calendar.

  • July 15th: Scheduled Maintenance
  • July 29th: Scheduled Maintenance
  • August 12th: Scheduled Maintenance
  • August 19th: Scheduled Maintenance

Anaplan Events and Community Updates

Anaplan Connect Global Event Series: Anaplan Connect continues to show up in cities across the globe where you can get access to a dynamic community of industry experts sharing new ways to see, plan, and lead your organization to growth. Haven’t had the chance to join in person yet? You can explore the previous customer sessions on-demand today!

Three new Predictive Insights resources are available in the Anaplan Community:

Model Tracking and Performance

How to Refresh a Predictive Model

Predictive Model Evaluation

Customer Advocacy positions you and your organization as innovators—and can even help you recruit talent and advance your own career—by sharing the compelling, relevant work you do with the Anaplan platform. Visit our newly launched program page on Community to learn more!

General Industry Reads

The power of agile planning: Insights from industry leaders on adapting to change: Karen Clarke, Managing Director of the Americas at Anaplan, shares how large organizations are adapting to change with the power of agile planning.

4 Simple ways to enhance your go-to-market execution: While every business is different, their GTM challenges are often very similar. Based on Anaplan’s experience with customers who have developed effective GTM plans, learn about four simple ways you can optimize the execution of your GTM strategy.

New Customer Stories

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners invest in efficient fund management: With fund management in Anaplan, this green investment group analyzes tens of thousands of scenarios with Anaplan and delivers timely insights to stakeholders 87% more quickly.

**** Media O2 lays a foundation for growth: UK-based broadband, TV, and mobile provider strengthens key analysis and planning processes to fuel business growth and maximize lifetime customer value. Monthly volume and revenue forecasts are completed in half the time with greater accuracy.

Actionable data drives patient care at The Medical City: To ensure the best outcomes for 700,000 patients annually, Philippines-based Medical City (TMC) invests in treatment options and the people to deliver them. With Anaplan, TMC saves 1,200 hours of precious time yearly and empowers leaders to plan wisely for the future.

Anaplan FAQs and Tips

Get to know your model better with this blog post from Certified Master Anaplanner and Anaplan Solution Architect Stacey Gibbens. It is important to dig into your model and understand all of the moving parts: Data sources, Inputs, System modules, Calculations, Outputs, and everything in between.

In the world of sales, tracking and analyzing key metrics is vital for assessing performance, identifying areas for improvement, and aligning sales strategies with business objectives. Certified Master Anaplanner, Einas Ibrahim, shares her key metrics for effective sales performance management using Anaplan.

Any time you start a new job or begin working with a new-to-you use case, ask whether a rollover process has been documented. If not, or if the document has not been updated recently, tap into this resource from Certified Master Anaplanner Clarissa Hassfurder — a helpful guide to create your own model rollover document.

Alessio Pagliano, Certified Master Anaplanner, shares a collection of design top tips and references relevant to the user experience.

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