Denver ACE - Thank you!


Thank you for another great Denver ACE group event!  

Yesterday, we had a great discussion lead by Rachel LaRue from Dexcom on all things CoE, see attached document.  As a bonus we learned about Spoon theory and the true origin of commonly used quotes.  Thank you, Rachel!

We also had a great discussion around an Anaplan add-on, PlanIQ.  Shane Betlinksi from Spaulding Ridge walked us through PlanIQ tool, customer success stories, and what good looks like during a POC.  Thank you, Shane!  And BIG thanks for Spaulding Ridge for being our gracious hosts.  

If you want more information on PlanIQ, Anaplan recently had a webinar: ZR6qO7?!

Please share your feedback regarding the session yesterday, and for those who could not attend, please comment regarding how you would like to see the Denver ACE group evolve (content, cadence of meetups etc.).