Current date and time in Anaplan via the API

Built an easy script to have the current date and time in Anaplan. Have successfully implemented this on a couple of customer sites and it is really useful.

It is reasonably easy to set up and the Github page for the code has the instructions. Also happy to assist if you want help setting this up.



  • Alessio_Pagliano
    edited October 2023

    Well done @klameer. I'm still hoping we will get it out of the box as an Anaplan function.

    It's been on the roadmap for a long time but, unless someone corrects me, I have not heard about it in the latest roadmap updates 😪

  • Hi Alessio, thanks. After building this I realise it will be a tough problem to solve out of the box. Considering you have to deal with global time and also things like changing time zones like BST.