Gantt Charts not working properly in Polaris. Told to create a composite hierarchy?

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Created a gantt chart in Polaris. The underlying module for the chart has 3 dimensions: Customer, Product, Promotion. On initial refresh of the page, the gantt chart displays as per screenshot 1. If you update one of the selectors, you then get screenshot 2, BUT if you decide to do a full browser page refresh you get screenshot 3. I raised this with Anaplan Support and their advise is that it is working as designed and that I should not use multi dimensions on the gantt chart and should create a composite hierarchy. I thought the purpose of Polaris was so we don't need to create composite hierarchies. And this is a valid use case as well that users would want to be able to. Personally, until this is resolved, I wouldn't be recommending the use of Polaris if you are required to create composite hierarchies to get a chart to work. Which is unfortunate cause I've just managed to convince our firm to look at Polaris as part of our strategic direction. Cause the prime selling point of Polaris for us was that you don't need to create composite hierarchies. Thoughts anyone?

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:



  • Just an update on this. Anaplan has finally agreed to address the issue ☺️

  • Happy to advise that this issue has now been addressed by Anaplan