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Upcoming Releases/Maintenance

Anaplan Events and Community Updates

  • For three times straight, Anaplan has been recognized as a Representative Vendor in the 2024 Gartner® Market Guide for Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A): A fully connected, enterprise-wide planning environment that links financial and operational planning on one platform giving you the ability to see across your data systems, model scenarios, and make the most informed decisions fast. To stay ahead of the planning curve and learn more about this increasingly important movement in planning, access your full complimentary report here
  • In today's fast-paced business environment, organizations are constantly seeking ways to drive value and growth. Certified Master Anaplanner Mitch Max dives into creating and measuring value from Enterprise Performance Management solutions like Anaplan in this Community blog
  • Certified Master Anaplanner Kyle Sakowski shares a case study on how his company, Everest Group LTD, explores new uses cases for Anaplan and best practices for use case development. 
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Latest Industry & Functional Reads

Is your sales planning costing you time, money, and customers? Research by the Sales Management Association reveals that companies struggling with planning are 40% less likely to achieve their sales goals. In this go-to-market planning guide, you’ll learn about common pitfalls and challenges around traditional sales planning and how to achieve success with data, modeling, and monitoring. 

  • New research report just released: Integrated Workforce Planning: Building Organizational Readiness and Resilience by The Josh Bersin Company explores the benefits of an integrated workforce planning strategy to drive greater business value based on an approach that centralizes data from across your business to eliminate planning and decision silos. Download report here. Includes customer case studies. 

New Customer Stories

  • Rawlings plans with Anaplan (video): Hear from the Director of Sales and Inventory Planning how the leading baseball and softball equipment and apparel manufacturer reacts to change and boosts the bottom line with agile demand and supply planning. 
  • Equativ plans with Anaplan (video): The FP&A Manager at a fast-growing digital advertising platform describes how she supports the company’s expansion with integrated, holistic, and automated finance planning. 
  • L’Oréal highlights the beauty and flexibility of Connected Planning (video): Hear from the Data Programme Director at the world’s leading beauty company how connected sales, operations, and finance planning create efficiency, trust, and scalability. 
  • Customer Advocacy positions you and your organization as leaders by sharing your compelling, relevant work using the Anaplan platform. Join the Anaplan Customer Advocacy Program today. 

Anaplan FAQs and Tips