New stuff!


Hope you've all seen show/hide on grids plus cascade in Management Reporting is now live.

Remember seeing the first being mentioned at day 2 of UK Connect last year and have been looking forward to it's arrival.

The 2nd, once I'd figured out how to make it work, is going to really minimise effort across a number of our packs.


  • Thanks for sharing Andy! Super helpful and it's not the 1st time : you are becoming my official new platform releases noticeboard !

    We just went live and both are super helpful, so while these are super nice entries, it's a bit of a shame we couldn't plan/document and share comms accordingly.

    I keep insisting there's an important gap in the community left behind from the latest re-org meaning the community isn't consistently kept up to speed with platform releases and enhancements.

    Something for the "Community Bosses" group, I think. I am sure the amazing @becky.leung could help shaking things up, when back from the very well deserved break !

    Here is where I was venting stuff and tagging half the world :-P

  • @Alessio_Pagliano - totally with you on this. I know CS / Product have a hard time knowing when things are going to drop and the what's coming up email is very good but there's often a whole bunch of subtle things that drop-in like the deleted page piece which are as helpful as the new module section - which is very nice btw!

  • Paul

    Love it, Andrew! Keep flying the flag