Announcing the next User Group Meeting in December (3rd or 10th)


Dear Anaplan Stakeholder & User Community,


I hope this message finds you well. I am very happy to announce our next Anaplan User meeting. The objective of this meeting is to share knowledge and experiences on Connected Planning and Project best practices.


Christoph Angst from Syngenta has generously offered to host the next meeting in Basel, Switzerland. We are currently considering between two dates (December 3rd or 10th) and would like to check with the group and get your feedback. 


To help us prepare, can you please give me feedback on the following?

  • Dates you are able to attend. Please pick both if they are both possible.
    • December 3rd.           (Yes, No)
    • December 10th       (Yes, No)
  • Topics you are interested in.
  • Ideas on how to make the most of the meeting. 


Based on the number of people able to attend and the topics of interest, we will develop an agenda and format that will work best for you all.


Look forward to hearing from you and seeing everyone again.



Anaplan Customer Success Team.

Klaus, Moritz, Frederic, Tuan.



  • Ari

    Hi Everyone,


    Thanks for the update, I will be available on both dates. I look forward to meeting with the user group in Basel. At OneSpan we are moving from an old ERP system to a new cloud-based ERP. We are currently mapping our legacy data structure to our new data structure in a new HUB, and updating all our models. We are considering taking this opportunity to move from Anaplan Connect to Anaplan HyperConnect. I would like to hear about your experiences on both these subjects:


    - Moving to a new ERP and changing the data structure.

    - Anaplan HyperConnect


    Kind Regards,



  • Thank you for your feedback Ari. Look forward to meeting you in person. We will keep you posted as we fix the meeting date and agenda. 


    Best Regards,