Problem solving - share your problem and the solutions we found!


Hey model builders,


You exposed your problem and we helped you out during the forum. Please share the solutions we found so we can refer back to these later, and feel free to let us know if you successfully implemented these! It will take you no more than 5 minutes and will greatly help everybody 🙂

Thank you.


Here is a suggested format, feel free to add some screenshots to help with the context.


My problem was:

The suggested solutions were: + include if it worked or not and why


  • Hi Everyone!


    Thought I'd post how my solution went!

    My problem was making a dynamic "masterfile" by time. The "Time" module now has a year selector and line items convert the year selected into months. Please see the screenshot:Masterfile time.JPG


    I then had the line items in my masterfile use a lookup onto this time module and it worked!


    Masterfile formulae.JPG


    Thanks for your help!