Introduce yourself!



We know introduction threads can sometimes feel a little awkward, so here are a few questions to help you get started: 

  • How did you find the Anaplan community?
  • What specifically are you working on at the moment? How can your fellow Community members assist you?
  • What goals do you have for your participation in this group?


  • Hey Aaron and everyone in the community!

    I'm Simon Burrows and I work as a Senior Finance Analyst here in the Finance department at Gatwick Airport. Kelly Corr, our Customer Success BP, pointed me in the direction of this group.

    Although Anaplan has been used here at Gatwick for passenger forecasting use cases for more than three years now, we've only just implemented our profit and loss and staff headcount forecast into the tool, going live with that back in September for a small pilot group. Over the next few months we are looking to roll that model out to around 50 users across the business, and then starting to build detailed models for forecasting income for our aeronautical, retail, car parking and property business - a project that we are expecting to see some serious model development done here for the first nine months of 2020.

    It would be good to share best practice with other transport based organisations, and I'm looking forward to speaking with other users to understand what works well, and what doesn't - and how they use Anaplan in their businesses.
  • Hi, I'm Stef and I'm the product owner of Anaplan within Sales at British Airways.  Anaplan has a few different use cases across British Airways but within Sales it's used for corporate modelling.  It is used jointly across three airlines, British Airways, Iberia and American Airlines. We went live and have been in a stable state for approximately 18 months.