COVID-19 Implications


Hi everyone,

I am just looking to get opinions on whether or not we should be running this forum event in March. Between @MagaliP myself and @AaronW we have spoken about the following options. We are not limited to the below options but its a starting point.

1. Cancel March's event.

2. Postpone March's event until April.

3. Turn the event into a Virtual meet up.


All suggestions are welcome but our priority is your health.





  • Stef

    I'd be happy with either postponing or testing it as a virtual meeting.

  • Joanne

    Virtual gets my vote.

  • @Paul, I would go for postpone to April or having it virtually.  However, based on experiences from other countries, it's unlikely that it would be back to normality by April so a virtual one may be better.

  • When the Master Anaplanner team have done virtual meetups they've worked pretty well. Granted they've generally been information consumption / presentation giving events with some questions rather than anything particularly interactive.

    Plus of course it would mean keeping logged in post work hours which is unlikely to be ideal... think that postponement is likely to be my choice.

  • Was in on a virtual workshop yesterday hosted by Anaplan and having people from all over the place, with using Lucidchart for collaboration interactivity. To be honest was apprehensive about whether it would work well enough virtually to be considered a success.

    Have to say was pleasantly surprised at the productivity gained. One thing that is always the case with something that's virtual is you never quite knew when to talk, so there was some talking over but not too much. Just need a bit of control from the centre to make sure everyone's voice is heard.

  • NB

    Hi All, 


    I would suggest holding it virtually, this will ensure that people are able to attend and stay engaged.




  • Maybe a system whereby we use the chat function to virtually put our hands up to speak. The host is able to view this and the order the hands were put up and give time to them accordingly to participate.


    Do you think that would work?


    What do you think @Paul?

  • Option 3 so that I could join as well 😛


  • Paul

    Completely agree Reshma. I will be sending an email out today regarding the event. In light of what's happening across the world, this event will now be virtual.

  • Paul

    it will be a pleasure to have one of our founders back!