Trouble downloading Level 1 Certification course model - "Example Level 1 Model"


Hi -

I am beginning my Anaplan training and bumped into a problem downloading the "Example Level 1 Model".

The instructions state:

Complete these steps to add the Level 1 Model Builder example model to your Anaplan workspace. 

  • In a separate browser tab, log into your organization's Anaplan workspace.
  • Return to this content pages and click the Download: Example Level 1 Model from App Hub link. 
  • After the model has been created in your workspace, click your name/initials in the upper right of the Anaplan screen, and select Manage Models.
  • Rename the Level 1 example model with your initials or name. 

When I try these steps, the model is not created in my workspace.


I found this similar issue for Level 2 Certification:


Following the suggestions in that thread, I have waited 10+ minutes for the workspace to refresh and have also tried with Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?




  • Hi @davidmccarty,
    If the model is not created in your workspace while downloading, kindly write an email to stating the issue. They will help you to fix this.
  • Yep, Matt in support set me up and was able to give me access to the model.