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Get Started

Welcome to the Retail Anaplan Group. Use this article to navigate to all the content. See something that's missing? Reach out to any of the retail AG leaders (below). Also, don't forget to visit the Retail Forum - we want to hear from you.


Contacts | Moderators

  • Bob Debicki | Sr. Director CPG & Retail Industry Go-To-Market | @BobD | Anaplan
  • Denise Sabo | Sr. Manager, Planning Systems | @Dsabo | Ralph Lauren
  • Sheryl Bates | Sr. Business Partner, Customer Success | @SherylB | Anaplan
  • Jared Dolich | Retail Industry Practitioner & Master Anaplanner | @JaredDolich | Retailitix | Introduction Note





Application | Anaplan | Freight Planning (must be an Anaplan partner or an Anaplan employee to view)
Application | Anaplan | Supply Chain Tracker for COVID-19 (must have Anaplan workspace to download)

Blog Posts

Blog | Anaplan | How to collect business requirements for Retail

Blog | Anaplan | Inventory Balance Sets

Blog | Anaplan | Retail Planning: The Business Case for Anaplan

Blog | Anaplan | The First Thing I Needed to Know About Becoming A Master Anaplanner at

Blog | Retailitix | Clienteling

Blog | Retailitix | Digital Transformation for Retail

Blog | Retailitix | Double your Turnover

Blog | Retailitix | Why Technology Cannot Replace the Merchant

How To

How To | Anaplan | Markdown Planning

How To | Anaplan | Building Reports in PowerPoint to Present User Stories

How To | Anaplan | Converting 445 Calendars to Gregorian Calendars

How To | Anaplan | Dynamic Ranking: Rank a Line Item based on Selectors

How To | Anaplan | Forward Cover |Forward Weeks of Supply

How To | Anaplan | Import and Automate Current Date Import to Anaplan Using Python

How To | Anaplan | Price Tiering

How To | Retailitix | Affinity and Basket Analysis

How To | Retailitix | Forecasting: Exponential Smoothing

How To | Retailitix | Forecasting: Moving Averages

How To | Retailitix | Forecasting: Sales Profiles

How To | Retailitix | Forecasting: Variable Response Smoothing

How To | Retailitix | How To: Circular References and Percentage Spreading at

How To | Retailitix | Trend Detection


Interview | Accelytics | Merchandise Planning, Technology and Analytic Maturity for Grocers

Interview | Accelytics | Retail and Grocery Businesses Challenges and Trends

Interview | Accelytics | Retail Planning Advice & Anaplan for Hypergrowth Grocers and Retailers

Interview | Accelytics | The Value of Planning Tools for Grocers and Retailers

Retail Terms

Knowledge | Retailitix | AIR: Average Initial Inventory for Retail

Knowledge | Retailitix | AIW: Average Initial Inventory for Wholesale

Knowledge | Retailitix | AUT: Average Units per Transaction

Knowledge | Retailitix | AVT and ADT: Average Value per Transaction or Average Dollar per Transaction

Knowledge | Retailitix | CLTV: Customer Lifetime Value

Knowledge | Retailitix | Inventory Balance Sets

Knowledge | Retailitix | Inventory Perspective and Inventory Types

Knowledge | Retailitix | Unit of Measure in Planning


Webinar | Anaplan | Apparel Floor Set and Image in a Grid at

Webinar | Anaplan | Markdown Planning at

Webinar | Anaplan | PLM for Retail at

Webinar | Anaplan | MFP Roadmap