Anaplan Live! Spotlight for Anaplan Helps

This Wednesday tune in to Anaplan Live! for a tour of four models that were created for the Anaplan Helps global hackathon including another tour of the Expense Tracking for FEMA Reimbursement model! There will be a live QA session at the end. Here is the link with the info below. Hope to see you there!
Anaplan Live! Spotlight: Anaplan Helps

In our very first Anaplan Live! Spotlight event on Wednesday, May 27, Director of Anaplan on Anaplan Pierre Kerkinni will talk all things Anaplan Helps! You'll learn about how the program is helping support customers during this challenging time and hear from featured Master Anaplanners about the applications they created during our recent Hackathon. Finally, you'll have the chance to ask them all your Anaplan Helps questions in a live Q&A!


Bookmark this page NOW and join us here on Wednesday, May 27 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. CDT for the live event! No registration required. The livestream is open to all Community members.


  • @SRoberts 

    It's on my calendar!!

    You're a true master anaplanner. Thank you for hosting another webinar for this. Such a great application.