Retail Anaplan Group - Month Summary - 2020 August



Retail Anaplan Group Monthly Summary - 2020 August



  • RAG held their first virtual meeting August 28th, 11 members attended.Here is the summary of that meeting. The PowerPoint and 6 recorded minutes are attached.
  • 5 New Members joined, raising the membership count to 105
  • SUM/LOOKUP Example specifically for retail published in the knowledge base
  • Great Retail use cases and Anaplan highlights provided by @BobD in this excellent blog post. Follow his link.
  • RAG time slots for CPX have been announced. See below.
  • RAG is #3 base on membership count, #2 if you exclude the Community Group, just behind the UK. We still have a long way to go on the engagement. See stats below.
  • Retail Planning Poker Cards and RAG badges put on hold. Too many legal concerns.


New Members

  • 5 New Members! Everyone should have received their welcome letter. You are most welcome here! Screenshot taken from the RAG NewUX Admin board featuring an automated filtering based on current month property.




Okay. For analysts like me, this analysis section is second favorite part of RAG. First, of course, is visiting with all of you. All screenshots below are from the NewUX Dashboard.


Our membership comprises of 11 unique Anaplan customers which is great. @BobD and I have some ideas to encourage more customers to consider joining this group.



Growth month over month significantly slower. We may attempt another LinkedIn and/or Community Post to encourage more people to join.This chart always shows the trailing 3 months (thank you @rob_marshall@DavidSmith, and @ChrisMullen in L2 for teaching us how to do this)


Overall Statistics

We continue to rank very high among Anaplan groups on the overall KPIs, especially membership count. Only weak spot is engagement. We generally need more interaction from the group to advance that statistic. From my experience and observation, some of the best engaged groups are the Pacific Northwest (@Aaron.wasinger and @matthewkuo),  UK and Ireland (@kcorr) , Russia (@Ks) , Anaplan Extensions (private @MagaliP ), and Master Anaplanners (private @Ameneh, @Beauram, @ChrisWeiss ). Pacific NW blew me away during their last meeting with two customers sharing their Anaplan journey with us. Russia just has the most awesome apps. UK and Ireland impresses all around. I will continue to attend their meetings and watch their engagement so we can all learn from their success.

There are 46 Groups I track (Group Count Total). I then rank them out by region and subject. The best KPI I could think of for engagement right now is Posts per Member. The higher, the better.




CPX is upon us. Stay tuned for some fun video where I will try to encourage more people to attend. Here are the retail slots this year. Hope to see you all there.



  • @JaredDolich 

    I'd be very interested in having a RFE session with this group - As we develop the product, and the new engine specifically, it would be great to understand functionality gaps and requests specifically for the Retail sector


  • @DavidSmith you're on!

    How about after CPX in October or November? Or were you thinking of something sooner?

  • October/ November is perfect