Re: SYSY03 Account>Product Details (L3)

SYSY03 Account>Product Details (L3)

In my SYS03 Account>Product Details module, I can't seem to populate my P2 Product. Everything I have tried returns a blank - doesn't show any data. I wonder what I'm doing wrong. 


  • Hi @sosunkwo 

     You have 'ID' line item in the 'SYS03...' module . 

    Populate this line item by Display name property of the list A2 Acount>Product#  ----- : 'A2 Account>Product#'.Display name .

    And you can populate P2 Product Line item by using FINDITEM('P2 Product',ID) . 

    Remember 'ID' is a text formatted and 'P2 Product' line item is P2 product list formatted . 

    FINDITEM searches the Text from ID in P2 Product list . 


    Hope this helps . 


    Thank you,

    Puneeth HP 

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  • This worked! 🙌 Thanks a lot @Puneeth H P .

    It's funny there was a step I was missing with the product search & find item in my previous approach. 

  • Instead of changing the formula of ID line item you can make use Product Flat line item to find P2 Product.

  • @swapnil_J 


    Could you please elaborate.

    I've attached my screenshots and I do not see the P2 product & Product Family line items populate the data.

    Also, ID field shows the # and Product Flat doesn't have any data as well.. Any thought process in this regard is appreciated.



  • Hi @Suneela 

    First, you need to populate data in list formatted line item -. Product flat line item using list property. 

    now to populate the data in  P2 product you can make use of the Product flat line item in finditem function.

  • Thank you for your reply. I didn't use the product flat line item at all and was able to keep the formulae as it is and do a work around by using the code line item to display the product code.


    @swapnil_J ,


    With regards to using the product flat line item, did you intend to get the display name (from A2 numbered list) into the Product flat line item and then use that in the FINDITEM function?  It populated the data as needed in the P2 Product with no issues. I guess it doesn't matter if we use ID line item or product flat line item. It can be achieved either way by using the display name from the A2 list.  I've attached the screenshot for your reference. Please let me know if you had another optimized way of doing it.


  • @Suneela 

    yes, data can be populated using one of these two line items.

  • Hi, @swapnil_J,


    Thank you again for your hint. I populated "Product Flat" Line item.



    But P2 Product doesn't have any data as well.




    I tried the method of @Suneela, but I can't change the format of P2 Product and Product Flat, so I am not successful to use her method.


    Best regards.




  • @ssicefox In finditem(list, text formated lineitem) function you are asking anaplan to find the list item in the list based on the text formatted line item which can be (display name or code)  property of the list