CPG - what functionality do you want?

Hey CPG Community, 


If you had your chance to add any functionality into the Anaplan platform that would make it that much better for CPG companies, what would you add?


Now is your chance as we are compiling a CPG list of enhancements that we will be presenting to product development. Anything provided this week will be added to that list!


Thanks to all those who already provided input.





  • @BobD 

    Popular planning point solutions that utilize dimensional modeling utilize a variety of aggregation and calculation functions that enable important use-cases. Two of the most important functions are the ability to lock and spread on rates, prices and ratios, and the ability to direct the calculation engine to resolve inverse calculations, or the ability to edit any number of the line items in the equation including the line item the calculation resolves to. Big win for retail industry too! 😁 While these two are theoretically possible to implement in Anaplan, it's a workaround, not native functionality.