Welcome Denise Sabo - Retail Anaplan Group Leader!


Retail Anaplan Group Members! Some good news. Denise Sabo: @Dsabo , Sr. Manager of Planning Systems at Ralph Lauren, has agreed to join the Retail Anaplan Group as a Group Leader. This is truly an historic moment. In the last 6 months we've grown this group from 12 members to 127 making it the second Largest Anaplan Group and now, we have a celebrity Anaplan Customer joining the leadership team. @BobD @AaronW @HannahT @SherylB  and @WillL and myself, @JaredDolich couldn't be happier.

On a personal note, Denise and I worked together at Ralph Lauren for 5 years and I can attest to her brilliant retail planning skills, her leadership, and wisdom. Thanks to Denise, I was first introduced to Anaplan at Ralph Lauren. We've been through a lot together! I can't begin to express how excited and humbled I am to have Denise help lead this wonderful group. I hope you'll all reach out and extend to her a hearty welcome!



  • Welcome aboard Denise! So glad to have you help leading this Group!

  • ...what a great welcome from @JaredDolich !
  • Thank You Sheryl - Glad to be here... 



  • Forgot to mention the things Jared and I learned from each other is priceless... Hoping to share / learn from all of you.
  • Couldn't agree more @Dsabo !! 

  • Welcome Denise.  Looking forward to your insights!