Group Line Item "Columns"



Does anyone know a quick way to set up functionality to "group" line items so an end-user and collapse the columns on a dashboard? This is essentially the grouping functionality offered in Excel.


In my example attached, the two columns "Amount" and "Override" would be "grouped" so the end-user could collapse or show the columns as desired. The columns "Region" and "Comment" would remain visible. Also note the columns are a mix of formats; list, number, and text. 






  • @michael.chefer 

    I have an example of a way to do this, it doesn't use your specific example of override and amount, but hopefully, the concept still applies.


    For these options to work, they need to be number formatted so you can utilize Line Item Subsets.


    To Start I have a very simple structure where 1,2,3,4,5 all add together to make line A, 6,7,8,9,10 make up B, etc.


    For this example, my user wants to have a view that starts by only showing A, B,  And C, and then be able to expand to see all of the lines that make up any of those, and also the ability to show the Line items that are odd or even numbers. (Goal here is to show a way to filter them by using multiple criteria)


    For me to group these together, I first need to create a Line Item Subset for my line items. From there I need a way to identify which grouping each line item falls into. I can do this through the CODE of the line item, or just in a simple module where I am assigning a grouping to them. I will walk through the CODE version of this. 


    I am uniquely identifying each line with a number, and then also with an A, B, or C, as well as an O for ODD or E for EVEN



    From there, I have a module where I am allowing the user to check bools depending on what they want to be expanded. My Formula in my staging line items says: IF FILTER A THEN FIND("A", CODE(ITEM(FILTER LIS COLLAPSE)), 0) <> 0 ELSE FALSE


    My Final Filter is just saying to check the bool if it is any of my staging Line Items.




    Now on my page, the user is able to see the default of A, B, C when nothing is checked. 



    When one of the boxes gets checked, that section is expanded (once the refresh is clicked)



    I can Also click multiple if I would like:



    If these are not Number formatted and you cannot use a LIS, then I cant think of a way to achieve this.


    Hope this helps!