Modelers Forum January 27th


Happy New Year to you all! 


The first of this years forums will take place on the 27th January and we are going to keep to the new format too, which includes:

Conversation around Product Releases:


The questions:

  1. Which one of the releases excites you the most?
  2. Which one have you implemented?
  3. Which one do you plan to do next?

We feel like structure will help modellers across the UK help keep up to date with features and best practice. In addition to this we will try and obtain the relevant product managers to speak with you directly if we have a consensus across the questions. 


Problem Solving:

If you wish to post a particular problem here in advance please feel free, if not, I will set you a challenge!


Where can I sign up?






  • Signed up! Did anyone figure out how to find the Mode?

  • Paul

    I haven't seen a solution. We could definitely work on this, unless you have a solution for me??