Profit & Loss Report Module - Getting Error on Revenue line item


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I am getting below error when i am trying to update Revenue line item rule in Lesson 11. Kindly help me to find out proper rule here and suggestion.  To my knowledge this error is coming due to additional dimension in source which is not part of target dimension. (Product)





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  • JaredDolich


    Great call out. This happens if your structured hierarchy doesn't have a top level. Make sure your lists are arranged as shown below.

    Breakdown of the error:

    • This is one exception where you don't have to use SUM 
    • Your TARGET module uses the same hierarchy as the SOURCE module so SUM is not necessary since Anaplan already knows how to aggregate the data.
    • You just need to make sure there's a top level so Anaplan can sum it to the top if PRODUCT is not used.




  • HI Jared,


    Thanks for your help and additional details  ! It worked for me. 



    Akshay Sawant



  • Hi Jared,


    One quick question as you have mentioned above in 2nd point (Your TARGET module uses the same hierarchy as the SOURCE module so SUM is not necessary since Anaplan already knows how to aggregate the data.). 


    But in my target module i don't have P2 Product dimension. may i know how that logic worked ? Please refer screenshot from Target module. whereas source has different dimension (Product) 




  • @akshaysawant 

    Right! Because your TARGET doesn't use Product you need to have a top level so Anaplan can "SUM" the product hierarchy for you all the way to the top. It can't SUM product to the first level because you may have multiple P1's.

    Thank you for this very great question. Very advanced thinking!

  • @akshaysawant 


    Hijacking Mr. Dolich's thread:)


    Let's say:


    If your source module has 3 dimensions: Products, Customers and Countries

    and your target module has 2 dimensions only : Products , Customers

     If you try to refer the data from source module to target module then there are two possibilities

    1. Anaplan automatically takes the data from the top level of Countries dimension and bring it to Target module provided you have the "Top Level" Set for Countries dimension

    2. Anaplan will throw you an error saying that Formula is invalid as Countries doesn't have an Inbuilt Top Level.


    In your case you must have already Top Level Set for the dimension which was not matching between the source and target modules


    Hope that helps


  • Hi Jared,


    Thanks for explanation ! This is what I was looking for, The Anaplan methodology which work in the background. 


    I had tried using the SELECT function including Total Products as an element. But now i am clear how it work when you have different dimension count in source and target. 



    Akshay Sawant     

  • Hi Misbah,


    Thanks for explanation ! Exactly this what I was looking. Helpful.  



    Akshay Sawant