Virtual UG Recap - New User Experience - February 2021


We held our inaugural Four Corners User Group today, and I enjoyed "meeting" so many members of the Anaplan Community. I'm definitely looking forward to having coffee or lunch once we are able to host in-person meetings. Big thanks to @sprender for sharing a UX demo and discussing our Product Roadmap. We were unable to record the session or publish slides due to the forward-looking nature of the roadmap, but I have included some resources (links below & attachments to the right).

A question about the New Modeling Experience came up. This session from CPX 2020 may be insightful: Future of Modeling (starting at 12:40). We also had a couple of questions pertaining to our product roadmap (aside from the UX).  We will answer these offline. Follow up with your Business Partner if you are curious about the roadmap!

Thanks to all of you who attended for your time and engagement! For those of you who were unable to attend, we hope to see you at the next event. Feel free to add any questions or potential topic ideas in the comments below.