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The Time Range training states that 'If you want to use the switchover date, you'll want to use the model calender' (see below)


I ran some tests and Switchover was working fine when using a Time Range although you cannot select a Switchover Period per Time Range, it is as per the Model Calender


Does anyone know what this comment below is referring to?








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  • rob_marshall
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    @MarkTurkenburg ,


    Native Switchover can only be set in the Version section of settings:



    But, you can always use DCA and base it off a setting (line item) to make the cells read only.  Just be careful with this as your formula will need to get the proper data (Actuals vs. Forecast).  For example, if boolean (the read only boolean) then actual data else forecast.


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  • rob_marshall
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    @MarkTurkenburg ,


    I see where you are coming from now and where the disconnect is.  In the image, it is stating you have to use the "granularity" of the model timescale, not the actual timescale.


    So, for a monthly model:




    And for a weekly model:



    Does that help clear it up?