Level 2 - Sprint 1 (User Story 3) - Time Range related

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Level 2 - Sprint 1 (User Story 3) - Time Range related


The historic volume for FY19 was imported as below.



and the following SYS13 Account SKU Filter system Module was created. 




I then tested further with by changing the Time Scale to Week.


and got the following results (changed the pivoting to reflect the below format)



I am intrigue with the results above as we only loaded Historic Volume for FY19 under Time Range.  What is the reason for various weeks under FY20 'tick-marked'?







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Re: Level 2 - Sprint 1 (User Story 3) - Time Range related

Hi @Star 


You have Created "SYS13 Account SKU filter" module to filter out the Volume which is greater than 0 by using Timesum function, so it will filter all combination for all period which having values greater than 0.




It doesn't make sense as well if you have added the weekly Time scale.

  • It is same as the original module only difference is you have boolean formatted line item instead of number
  • You can't apply filter if you have time scale because it will be limited to week or year only not dynamic in nature
  • Screenshot_281.png


Hope this helps!



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Re: Level 2 - Sprint 1 (User Story 3) - Time Range related



TIMESUM should be used only when you have a timescale in the source and None in the TARGET Module. You define what all parameters do you need while using TIMESUM


For example


TIMESUM(X) - It will aggregate the values for all periods in the source and bring you one consolidated value into target

TIMESUM(-2,X,2) - It brings value for 5 periods (i.e, 2 in the past, one current and 2 in the future ) from source module and consolidate them into one value into target. Here Current period of the Model plays a vital role 


For more information please go through TIMESUM on Anapedia.


Hope that helps