Level 2 Sprint 3 - Activity Review INV01 Line Item


This question is related to Activity:  Review the INV01 Line Item Formulas and Summary Method settings.  


Here is my screenshot:  My numbers do not match the numbers in the training.  I went back and checked the data I loaded was correct and it is.  I’ve rechecked my formulas and I’m not able to find any issues with it. The Historical Volume file I used shows 2,004 Units for Nutzo Bar_EN and Growth Rate was 1% which would result in the Forecast Demand to be 2,024 Units.  My module shows that correct data based on the calculations and data loaded..  See the 1st screenshot.  (INV01-SB Screenshot 1.png).  The 2nd screenshot is what is provided in the training.  (INV01-1-Anaplan Training Screenshot).  

I just wanted to know were the Files we used for volume loads changed anytime that would impact what I'm seeing?  



Re: Level 2 Sprint 3 - Activity Review INV01 Line Item

Hi @svbhagat,


You have to run the process "9. Import Data from Hub" to update the Module "DAT03 Historic Volumes".


I think that it will help you.