Performance Testing

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Performance Testing

Hi #TheAnaplanWay Community, My question for you; when and how should I consider whether or not I need to have my model/application performance tested? All input appreciated! Ideally, I'm looking for a sest of criteria/thresholds that would indicate that my model is big and complex enough to warrant automated performance testing. Thanks in advance, Jon
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Hey Jon, On or about page 74 of the latest version of the Anaplan Way there are some guidelines around this. However, it's not a black or white type of issue so I would also be interested to hear how others approach this! Do people think the guidelines make sense or do we need to make changes! It's an ever changing document as our experience grows so share the feedback.  Bob
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There is a great guide on Community around when you should do performance testing and how long the process takes.


Here is the page:


I love the info. but the link isn't working, tried search functions but nothing is coming up. Would love to see the info. and get it to customer whom is reporting latency when their folks from HKG are accessing the model, no issues on the U.S.A side. 

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