Shipping Cost vs Final Shipping Cost

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Shipping Cost vs Final Shipping Cost

Level 2 Sprint 3:

Can anyone distinguish the difference between final shipping cost and shipping cost?  I'm not sure what is being asked.

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Hi Rachel,


Shipping cost = the cost per 100 units * Shipment Amount based on the shipping method 

Ex: For Product 1 - Shipment method =Air

So, Shipping Costs = Cost per 100 units(for shipment method by Air)*Shipment amount 


Final Shipping Cost has just a override functionality added to the shipping costs.

Ex: The end user wants to change the shipping method for the Product 1 from Air to Road.

An override functionality should be provided to the end user to change the shipping method from Air to Road.

Final shipping cost is calculated based on the selection in override functionality.

Final Shipment method (override ) = if the shipment is changed from Air to Road or etc then select Road(override shipment method) else Air( default shipment method) 

So, Final shipping costs = Costs per Units(lookup by final shipment method)* Shipment.


Hope this Helps



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Formulas for Shipping Cost and Final Shipping cost plz