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What am i doing wrong that only one line item is showing in my view after putting filter ?

I have put the filter to view months only




First, you have two filters defined in that picture, one on Line Items and one on Time (showing).  In the Time one, if you are wanting to show only Months, you will need to change the setting to the SYS Time module and click on the Months Only boolean.




Thanks I was able to put one filter for time using SYS module.Please guide on how to put filter on line item to show only Base line and Initial demand forecast.I created a line item subset for these two item but not sure how to use it in DEM 03 module 

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Hello @Gayatri2020 


To show certain line items in a module we don’t use filters, we use the Show/Hide feature. 

think of it this way, you use the “filter” to control what type of data shows in a particular line item. For example value > 0 or data for months only. 
however, to show or hide an entire line item then you need to make a change in the “view” of the module; for that you use show/hide.

No need for a Line Item Subset in this situation. think simpler 😊

good luck. 

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