Comparing two modules

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Comparing two modules



I am trying to make a module to compare two modules to see which values they share and which are missing from either. The values I’m comparing are 3 text line items and I wish to make 2 columns holding the results of if the value is missing from that module Boolean. I’ve tried using compare but I’m having issues as there are a different amount of rows of data in each module and the data doesn’t appear in the same order. I created a third module that includes all of the data from the two modules I am comparing but I am stuck on how to set up my comparison module and what formulas to use for the boolean/results column.


Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!
Thank you!

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Re: Comparing two modules

Hi @obernardini 


First of all a warning on using text formatted line items in Anaplan, it's always best to minimize text line items and minimize formulas that utilize text formatted line items

That said, try the following;

1. In your third module, create boolean formatted line item and with this formula

'Module 1'.'Text 1' = 'Module 2'.'Text 1'

This will return TRUE if the values are the same and FALSE if they're missing or if they're not the same

2. Utilize conditional formatting in either your Module 3 or Modules 1 and 2 so users can glance at the data and spot where the line items are not the same

3. Repeat 1 and 2 for each line item you want to compare


Let me know if this works for you




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Re: Comparing two modules

your modules have no dimensions ?

Nathan Rudman, Anaplan Model Builder